15 April 2015

Nation Awaits, Change?
March 2014

Despite what you are hearing, reading and seeing in the news, Nigeria is still here.

The Presidential elections that were scheduled for February 14 were postponed due to insecurity and distribution of voter ID cards. This past weekend thousands voted in spite of long hours waiting in sun/rain and terrorist threats. The results trickled in over 2 days and were on the air (radio, tv, internet) and keenly observed by millions – nationally and internationally.

Now the nation has a new President, Muhammad Buhari from the opposition party. Despite the efforts of the ruling government to eliminate the Boko Haram terrorists, many still wanted change in how the nation is led. Now the world waits to see how the losers (and winners) react.


Hillcrest school, where Zion & Gabi attend, had to adjust the spring break several times due to the elections. Originally, we were hoping for a small break in February but it was shifted to the end of March. Now the school will remain “out of session” until April 14th – four weeks! The kids still have packets of work to complete but are glad to sleep in. They miss the social component but are fine as many of their friends live nearby.

Zion and Gabi worked hard this past quarter and had great report cards to show for it. They both are playing soccer at school – both as goalkeepers. Gabi still thrives on social activities (planning and participating) but has struggled with her health and some other personal issues. Her 8th grade class hosted Pancake Breakfast and they all dressed according to characters from “Alice in Wonderland”

Recently Zion and friends have been making ‘funny’ videos inspired by their current environment. Zion also passes time making songs on garage band. Zion also attended his first Sadie Hawkins dance, he was asked by a Senior!

PICS: Gabi & 8th Grade “Mad Hatters” (UL), Zion in action! (UR), Coach Kyle, (LL), Mom, Zion & Gabi! (LR)

Ann has kept busy with school issues, challenged by the complexity of relationships in a small community.  All the changes of schedule have been disruptive on many levels. A recent highlight for her was attending an innovative trauma-healing workshop led by a gifted team of Nigerians.

Kyle traveled to Ghana for a week to continue in growing the Sports Friends team, through Ben and Josiah  - he also attended Josiah’s wedding! He is encouraged with the new growth in Senegal, Niger and Nigeria. Apologies for the delay in reporting how the Coaches Campaign concluded, we raised funds for 673 coaches (Thank you!).

  • That Zion and Gabi will feel refreshed over the school break.
  • That Zion will continue to serve and develop into a young man.
  • That Gabi will feel encouraged & hopeful as she grows into a young woman.
  • That Nigeria will remain peaceful and grow towards her potential.
  • That Hillcrest will remain strong and be able to fill staff vacancies.
  • That Sports Friends will grow on a solid foundation in each nation.
  • Praise God that Sports Friends Coaches campaign was able to raise funds to train 673 coaches.